Personal Development Plan

Title: Advisor


  • Making customer experience first priority
  • Focus on industry data
  • Attention to detail and accuracy

Areas of Improvement:

  • Time management
  • Prioritization of daily required tasks and progress on outside projects
  • Task delegation

Development Goals

Long-Term: Transition to Human Resource Department to focus on employee and organizational development based on business strategies and goals.

Short-Term: Improve delegation of my time between tasks and projects to efficiently achieve goals and learn to seek assistance from peers and manager

Training and Development Needs


I will complete my current Instructional Design and Training certificate by summer 2015 and begin a graduate degree in human resource management. This outside education helps me work towards my long term goal of transitioning to a different department. I will also join the Society for Human Resource Management to access additional industry content and details about HR trends.

Job Experiences

Shadow a current member of the Human Resource department to review current organization needs and how this department works towards those organization goals. This insight into a different department and position will not only prepare me for a future transition but also shed light in how human resource affects my current position. Determine if there are additional resources I can be taking advantage of to improve current position performance.


Reach out to a tenured advisor to “pick” his or her brain about daily set up. Learn new ways to prioritize daily advisor tasks and how to manage time efficiently. Being able to draw from a successful, senior advisor’s experience can also provide me insight into how someone else completes tasks and provides a fresh perspective on the position requirements.


I would reach out to the human resource employee that allowed me to job shadow as a potential coach candidate. In reaching out to this coach I would like to receive feedback about work completed within the graduate human resource program and possibly network with other contacts within the human resource department.


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